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These are a series of reproductions from a series drawings and paintings of waterreflections from 2012 and angels/annunciations from 2015 and 2016.

They are intended to be combined as Diptychs and Triptychs and to be printed on aluminium or dibond.


2019.PRNT.01. 'Reflection I', jpg 300DPI, 42X55 cm

2019.PRNT.02. 'Reflection II, jpg 300DPI, 42x55 cm

2019.PRNT.03. 'Reflection III, jpg, 300DPI, 55x70cm

2019.PRNT.04. 'Dying and Rising', jpg 300DPI, 55x70 cm

2019.PRNT.05. 'Icon I', jpg 300DPI, 42x29.7 cm

2019.PRNT.06. 'Icon II', jpg 300DPI, 42x29.7 cm

2019.PRNT.07. 'Announcement I', jpg, 300DPI, 55x42 cm

2019.PRNT.08. 'Announcement II', jpg, 300DPI, 55x42 cm

2019.PRNT.09. 'Devoted to the Frame I', jpg, 300DPI, 70x55 cm

2019.PRNT.10. 'Devoted to the Frame II', jpg, 300DPI, 70x55 cm

2019.PRNT.11. 'Self-Management', jpg 300DPI, 42x29.7 cm

2019.PRNT.12. 'What. When. How. but, Why?, jpg 300DPI, 42x29.7 cm